Building Route 128 on Cape Ann

...where the construction of Route 128 would alter both landscapes and lifestyles.
By the wya, Building Route 128 contains many detailed pictures and stories from here on Cape Ann and all around the Route 128 corridor.

More than 100 years ago, a trolly made its way up
Washignton Street in Gloucester.  That two-story,
salt-box home it is about to pass is the White-Ellery
house, which was moved to make way for Route 128.
(Cape Ann Historical Society)

When the first section of Route 128 was built in the late 1930s,
the Baker Farm, near School Street in Manchester, would escape
barely intact, as an entrance ramp for the highway would be
built right across its front door.
(Manchester Historical Society)

Lawrence Atherton planting potatos at the Caldwell Farm in Beverly.
Much of what is seen here was taken for the construction of Route 128.

Grading for the new highway in Beverly.