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Burlington Retro
New is an article about Route 128 on this neat website devoted to the town of Burlington, MA

(Once known as the DPW, which built Route 128, this state agency oversees Route 128)

A new find, this terrific site provides information many aspects of Route 128, especially the businesses
that defined the road, and the region.

(The Prelinger Archive, which  is filled with free movies and images of America's past,
including some "documentaries" that feature Route 128 and Boston)

(Dedicated to the erstwhile amusement park located on Route 128 in Wakefield)

(For traffic information on all roads, including Route 128)

(Steve Anderson's site contains maps and histories of roads in several U.S. cities, including Boston)

(A fascinating look at development in Boston and surrounding towns)

Burlington Sound Barriers is a community group working to have sound barriers erected along the highway in Burlington.