Sandra P., who lives in Boise, Idaho, emailed with this geneology of her family.

“I was raised hearing that my "family" had once owned Scollay Square and what a wonderful place it had been…  When I was in my early 20's in the 1980's I made my first visit to Boston from my home in California, to visit my soon-to-be husband's family in Salem, MA.  When asked what I would like to see of Boston, I immediately noted that I had heard stories of Scollay Square, that my family had once owned it, and that it was at the top of my list to see during my visit!”
“I have never seen such shocked and horrified faces!  Having not grown up in Boston, it came as quite a shock to me to find out that Scollay Square was "infamous" and not just a quaint area purchased by my 6th Great Grandfather!  I must admit that I have never bragged about my family connections since!”
“A year ago, I began a project to document the history of the Scollay, Whitwell and Parker family lines that I descend from.  My Grandmother, Helen Parker and her brother Scollay Cortlandt Parker are now in their 90's and 80's, respectively, and it seemed important to document their memories and family stories before they were lost. I am just now reaching the point where I want to pull in information from outside the family.”

My Scollay lineage is:

The Scollay Family
1671 - 2001

James Scollay,
 B. 10/1671
     - Married –
Deborah Bligh
 B. 1679
James Scollay B. 08/08/1705
John Scollay
B. 04/24/1712
John Scollay
B. 04/24/1712
- Married –
Mercy Greenleaf
B. 11/29/1719
Deborah Scollay B. 1750
Priscilla Scollay
B. 08/15/1755
William Scollay
B. 11/24/1756
Mary Scollay
B. 1759
William Scollay
B. 11/24/1756
   - Married –
Catherine Whitwell
B. 10/26/1760
Catherine Scollay
B. 07/1781 – D. 08/1781
Catherine Scollay
B. 02/27/1783 – D. 1863
William Scollay,
B. 02/1885 – D. 09/07/1813
Lucy Cushing Scollay
B. 01/05/1778 – D. 09/1883
John Scollay,
B. 1791 – D. 1819
Mary Scollay,
B. 01/1793 – D. 1882
Anne Wroe Scollay
B. 11/1794 – D. 1845
Elizabeth Hamilton Scollay
D. Aged 11 years
James Scollay,
D. Aged 4 years
Lucy C.  Scollay
B. 01/05/1778 – D. 09/1883
     - Married –
Benjamin Whitwell
B. 1771 – D. 1825
William S. Whitwell
B. 05/23/1809 – D. 10/31/1899
Lucy Cushing Whitwell
B. 05/06/1811 – D. After 1905
Lucy C. Whitwell
B. 05/06/1811 – D. After 1905
    - Married –
William Parker
B. 07/18/1807 – D. 09/23/1868
William Whitwell Parker
B. 06/24/1837 – D. 01/21/1925
Scollay Parker, 
B. 02/25/1839 – D.
Arthur Cortlandt Parker
B. 10/21/1840 – D. 08/24/1863
Gertrude Parker 
B. 08/19/1842 – D.
Lucy Whitwell Parker
B. 04/14/1845 – D.
Francis G. Parker,
B. 01/30/1847 – D. 10/01/1880
Euphemia M. Parker B. 10/10/1852 – D.
William Whitwell Parker B. 06/24/1837 – D
     - Married – 
Harriet Esther Bell B. 06/28/1852 – D.
 Children William Bell Parker B.12/27/1885 – D. 01/13/1974
  Edwin Stone Parker B. 09/14/1888 – D. ?
William Bell Parker B.12/27/1885 – D. 01/13/1974
     - Married –
Helene Barnard Sutliff B. 01/27/188 – D. 01/02/1967
Children Helen Margaret Parker Living
William Sutliff Parker B. 08/03/1917 – D. 06/18/1978
Scollay Cortlandt Parker Living
Helen Margaret Parker Living
     - Married – 
Wilbur Tuttle White “Bever” B. 1909 – D. 1977
(Wilbur T. White assumed the Surname 
of Bever in honor of his step-father)
Children Barnard Scollay White “Bever” Living
Mary Louisa White “Bever” Living
Barnard Scollay White “Bever” Living
     - Married –
Donnie Louise Hartley Living
Children Sandra Helene White “Bever”  Living
William Arthur White “Bever”  Living
Sandra Helene White “Bever” Living
     - Married –
Frederick Barker Pierson, Jr.” Living
Derek Norman Pierson Living
Kathryn Helene Pierson Living

The Scollay Family Genealogy Project is a work in progress and additional information regarding this great family is welcomed.  Please contact Sandra Pierson at to add your ancestry to the Scollay Family Genealogy Project.

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