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David Kruh (Book, Lyrics) is a former New Yorker and a 1978 graduate of the University of Maryland.  Using his college education to its fullest, David, much to his father's chagrin, became a disc jockey.  After several years at stations in towns too small to mention, he came to Boston to work as an engineer at WRKO-AM and WROR-FM while getting his Masters in Computer Engineering at Boston University. He has also worked full  time as a copywriter, computer programmer, radio producer, radio engineer and, for a few years in the mid-1990s, as a spokesman and web master for the Big Dig.  David has also dabbled in acting and stand-up comedy, but prefers to eat, and so currently works full time as a Marketing Communications Manager for Analog Devices, a semiconductor manufacturer.  He is a member of his local Historic District Commission and, in the spring, David enjoys helping coach his daughter's baseball team.

Here are the pieces for the stage written by David Kruh.  Links are provided for the publisher of each piece, where appropriate. Contact David directly about production rights for the others, for which there are links to PDFs of the scripts:

Production history
Publisher or PDF link
The Curse is Reversed* (formerly The Curse of the Bambino)

8M, 1F

Rewritten with a new, happier ending after the 2004 season, this is the tale of the Red Sox struggle for a World Championship after the 1920 sale of Babe Ruth (The Bambino)
Premiered at Boston's Lyric Stage in 2001.  Subsequent productions at Stoneham's Theater To Go and Waltham's Hovey Players
Go here to visit the official web site of the musical, or click here to view the PDf of the script 
Short form

1M, 1F

Eugene O'Neill once suggested that man should experience a resurrection a week.  How do you suppose mankind would react?  Resurrection is a short play that presents one possibility.
The piece premiered simultaneously in 2005 at both the brown couch theatre in Chicago and Studio Rep of Rhode Island, was presented as part of the 2006 Boston Theater Marathon and the Curan Theater of New York City's Notes from the Underground one-act festival
Click HERE to view the PDF
Good for Nothing
Short Form 

2M, 1F

A wild take on reality-based TV shows
  Produced by several companies , including The Barn Players of Waltham.
Brooklyn Publishing
Arnold Nawrocki is Dead
Short Form


Two men ruminate over the obituary of the man who perfected the process of individually wrapping cheese slices
Premiered at the 2004 Boston Theater Marathon
JAC Publishing & Promotions
The Riverbank Code
Full length

6M, 2F

Based on the true story of the people who in 1916 proved in court that Francis Bacon wrote Shakespeare
Stage-read at the Union Club in Boston in November 2006 
Eldridge Publishing Company
Short form

2M, 2F

 The idea for this play came after Robert Mattson mentioned that one of Patrick Brennan's plays would be produced at ACME the same year as Good for Nothing.  I joked "knowing Patrick it will probably be another syrupy love story," to which Robert replied "yes, but in his story the couple will be forced to fall in love."  I immediately replied "Robert, that's a great idea for a play."
 Presented by The Barn Players in 2006
JAC Publishing & Promotions
The End
Short Form

3M, 2F

A father's impending death affects his three sons in very different - and life-changing ways
JAC Publishing & Promotions
Top of the World, Ma!
Short Form


A spoof of "Outward-Bound" type of programs for executives in which two office workers find they are the only ones to have survived the day's challenge
 Presented July 2001 as part of Waltham's Hovey Players Summer Shorts Festival and was also produced at Maynard's ACME Theater in 2005
 Brooklyn Publishing
Full length

6M, 3F


On the last full day of the 1990s we follow a Harvard drop-out who has started a company, to grab his share of the Internet boom. He battles with his investor-father, his competitors, his girlfriend, and a myriad of temptations of the 1990s, while his company rises from nothing (we start with an empty stage in the morning) to the height of a media-driven frenzy (mid-day the office is crowded with furniture, reporters, and lawyers) to the inevitable collapse of the company (as the last lines of the play are spoken, a worker is removing the desks and chairs.)
 A staged reading is currently planned for October 2008 at the Quannapowitt Playhouse.
Click HERE to view the PDF
Immaculate Deception 
Short Form


Pittsburgh natives Harry and Frank return to their boyhood homes after their father's funeral.  There, they learn that the secret their deceased mother had been hiding from their father - and them.
Heuer Publishing
Secret Love
Super Short Form 


The harrowing tale of the the perhaps inevitable result of man's love for computers 
Click HERE to view the PDF
 Seven Stages
Short Form

3M, 2F 

A collaborative piece, in which one page at a time was written by eight different playwrights whose only task was to add to the previous page and set up the next playwright.  The writers were, in order: David, Jerry Bisantz, Robert Mattson, Steven Bergman, Glen Doyle, Melinda Lopez, Norman Lasca, and Michael Bettoncourt. 
Click HERE to view the PDF
 What Would A.R. Do?
Short Form

2M, 1F

Also titled, "Maintaining Appearances," it is a spoof on the life styles of the rich and self-centered
Produced for the 2003 ACME Theater  New Winter Works Festival in Maynard, MA

Read by The Bacchanal Players of Concord, MA in 2008

 Click HERE to view the PDF
 Ice Age
Short Form

1M, 1F 

When baseball fans learned that Ted Williams, the Splendid Splinter, was, after death, a frozen popsicle, it begged the question "what will happened to the greatest hitter that ever lived?" This short play takes a stab at one scenario
Produced by the Barn Players of Waltham, MA in 2006
Published in September 2005 as part of the anthology "Fenway Fiction: Short Stories from Red Sox Nation," by Rounder Books
Cinema Verite
Short Form

3M, 3F 

It's a hot summer day in Boston and four college students ponder the choices at their local multi-plex, as well as the state of their lives
  Presented in February 2002 as part of ACME Theater New Winter Works Festival in Maynard, MA.
 Click HERE to view the PDF
 The Man Who Saved the World
 Short Form

2M, 1F

An astronaut returns to earth after deflecting an asteroid that would have killed all life on the planet. But his reward is a celebrity that for him is a fate worse than death 
 Presented at the Annual Arlington Center for the Arts New Works Festival in November, 2002
Click HERE to view the PDF
Upon Seeing God in Dearborn
Short Form

2, M or F

Percy is a birthday present on his way to a little girl's party. Life couldn't be better. But into the mailbox falls Raymond, a PAYMENT OVERDUE notice, who doesn't share Percy's rosy view of the world and the mail
The Barn Players of Waltham produced this piece in 2004
Click HERE to view the PDF


An astronaut, marooned on an alien world, makes a desperate call to mission control, while fighting off the abductors who are trying to control her mind
*With composer Steven Bergman

Colene Byrd and Ray Baker in the brown couch production of Resurrection, directed by Allison Quetel

David, director Carmel O'Reilly, and the cast of Sugan Theater's
production of "Arnold Nawrocki is dead, performed at the 2004
Boston Theater Marathon.

David's screenplays and novels include...

  • PONZI! a film script (a collaboration with Arnie Reisman) is about the infamous Boston swindler who, coincidentally, operated at the exact same time that Harry Frazee sold Babe Ruth to the New York Yankees.
    • Placed in the quarter finals of the 2001 Scriptapalooza Screen Writers competition
    • Honorable mention in the Writer's Network FADE IN contest in 2003.
    • PONZI is being shopped by Two Rams Entertainment.

David packing them in during a standup gig...

David Kruh is also a published author and columnist...
New from
Rounder Books
Just released, in the summer of 2007, is FURTHER FENWAY FICTION, the second Red Sox-inspired anthology assembled by editor Adam Patcher.  This new collection of 18 works of fiction devoted the Boston Red Sox contains the new ending to David and Steve Bergman's musical THE CURSE IS REVERSED, one in which the lead character watched his beloved Red Sox win the World Series in 2004.  FFF is a follow-up to FENWAY FICTION, published in 2005, that contains two works by David, one a ten-minute play titled ICE AGE, which is about the collective fate of Ted William's frozen body and head, and an excerpt from David and Steve's musical THE CURSE OF THE BAMBINO.
Also from
Rounder Books

David's first book, Always Something Doing, Boston's Infamous Scollay Square (published originally by Faber and Faber in 1990) had a second edition published by Northeastern University Press in 1999.  Click the book's image on the right to visit the Scollay Square web site.
"Subtitled "Boston's Infamous Scollay Square," this delightful book, now in its second edition, gives the full history, with all the tassels twirling, the sailors swooning, the beer halls filled with guzzlers, and so on. A really fine book about...the Boston that's gone."  David Brudnoy, WBZ radio, Boston
Always Something Doing/Scollay Square Website

His second book on Scollay Square was published by Arcadia Publishing in 2004.  Titled Scollay Square, it is filled with 180 images many of them, in fact which have never been published before, including extremely rare views backstage at the Old Howard.
In 2003 Arcadia Press published Building Route 128, which David co-wrote with Yanni Tsipis.  The book chronicles the road’s planning and construction, from the early days of main streets and back roads in towns such as Dedham, Waltham, Lynnfield, and Beverly, through the construction and reconstruction of the modern expressway.  A click on the link or the cover on the right will take you to the book's website. VISIT THE ROUTE 128 WEB SITE
He is the co-author, with his father Louis, of Presidential Landmarks (Hippocrene Press, 1992), which contains a brief personal and political history of all the Presidents, plus a comprehensive description of their birthplaces, homes, libraries, museums.  Presidential Landmarks also contains contains the largest collection of photographs of presidential sites ever published.  The book was sold out, but copies can be special ordered through

With Dottie Domino in a scene fromBoston
Baked Theater's production of The Dining Room

David's columns have appeared in a number of publications including the Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Boston Magazine, Boston Business Journal, and Yankee Magazine.  He is also a frequent speaker on a variety of subjects, including the Big Dig, Scollay Square, and the presidents.  (Regarding his Scollay Square presentation, the Boston Globe wrote that "Kruh is full of splendid anecdotes..." and that his is "...a fascinating slide show... ...a trip to the past...") A complete list of speeches, a schedule of upcoming appearances, and contact information can be found here.  As you can see, David has tried many things.  It hasn't been easy, folks, but through it all, you can be sure that he has always clung to his most precious possession, his dignity...

(With Robert Jacobs and Mauzy Stafford. Courtesy Big Smile Productions)

A proud member...

Thanks to his 7.4 seconds on the HBO special "The Curse of the Bambino" (yes, he timed it)
David has his very own page on the Internet Movie Database website.  It's as close to Hollywood as he'll get...
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