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Lion Broadcasting

Media/Jersey Horizons
1969 - 1974

Dick Bailey era I
1974 - 1979

Dick Baily era II
The Jackie Rose collection

"Cousin" Bruce Morrow
1980 - 1986

1986 - 1988

The death of WRAN

WRAN reborn (sort of...)



Welcome to the web site devoted to WRAN, Dover
New Jersey's most powerful AM radio station*

Coverage map used during the ownership by Bruce Morrow


Kid Club

Craig was kind enough to send this picture from WRAN's past, during the Lion Broadcasting era. He wrote: I was able to dig up my trusted treasure. Scooter Jolly was the president of the Little People's Club and was issued card #1. He was into theater as a child. Not sure where he ever went with that  I was the only other officer that I know of as treasurer and was issued card #2. It says Dover. I think it was at that time as it might have been before Randolph got a post office. The Little People Club was a creation of Ted Rado, the morning announcer.  Supposedly he had a brother Jim in the Chicago TV market.

PLEASE HELP: We are looking for memories of Lou Nelson

We were recently contacted by Stuart Nelson whose dad, Lou Nelson, was a DJ at WRAN up until his death in 1971.  That is when, sadly, a drunk driver took his life on Route 10 in Dover.  Stuart is looking for any articles or memorabilia that concerns his dad, and we would grateful if you have something to share and contacted us here.


*From 1964 to 1988