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There IS a station on the air today at 1510 in Northern New Jersey.  As they explain on their website, the station started at 1000 on the AM dial and then, "...in 1992, Norman Worth was awarded an FM license on 107.1 FM. That station became WRNJ-FM and... in 1996, WRNJ was granted a 24 hour license on 1510 AM. They then would sell AM 1000 to Westinghouse (freeing them to boost the power of their New York City AM station WINS). That year WRNJ would move off AM 1000 and onto 1510... In 1997, it was determined that their current towers could not transmit the correct night-time patterns. Therefore WRNJ reverted to daytime only on AM 1510."  (It should also be pointed out that Mr. Worth didn't cling to the egotistical notion that he needed 10,000 watts to be successful.  WRNJ is a modest, but profitable, 1100W.)

Meanwhile, there is still a group of devoted WRAN former employees and listeners who have worked tirelessly to maintain the memory of the station.  These articles best tell their story.  (Quick aside - the incestuous nature of radio is no secret.  Three days after my last shift at WRAN I started at WERA (1590) in Plainfield, NJ and met the afternoon man - who was none other than Rich Phoenix, a former WRAN jock.  As you can read below, Rich would later be a central figure in the revival of the original WRAN.)

Dover Daily Record,
April 11, 2002