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We are sad to report the passing of Jackie Rose in February 2023. It made me sad when I heard this. Jackie trained me the night I auditioned for my job at WRAN, and encouraged PD Mike Ofsanka to hire me. Thank you, Jackie, for the photos and memories you sent. Rest in Peace.

How can one describe the feeling of getting your very first business card from a radio station?

Did this mean that Jackie could park anywhere and not get a ticket?


It warms the former WRAN chief engineer's heart to see a DJ taking transmitter readings!

(From l-r) Steve Table, David Kruh, Jackie, Johnny Randolph

(l-r) Steve, Frank Anthony, salesman Steve Jorlett (thank you, Frank Scafidi for the ID), Johnny, David, and a high schooler named Dan Taravella who did sports on the weekends.

For you kids, what newsman Frank Anthony is sitting next to is something they used to call a typewriter.

Taking requests.

Meeting the news (it was Mutual - guaranteed to be off by two seconds every hour)

Kevin Bowland

Frank, Jackie, and morning man and chief engineer Barry Shandalow

Thank you, Jackie, for sharing these wonderful photos with us.