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1974 - 1979

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The death of WRAN

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The Brucie Era

Click HERE to listen to a New Jersey 1510 jingle montage


One has to wonder what the owners of WSUS, WERA, WNNJ, and all the other New Jersery radio
stations thought about the following ad which stated:
"In a matter of days New Jersey is going to get its first real radio station."


Apparantly, this is what was meant by a "real" radio station...

Steve Table NJ1510
Steve Table was one of the few staff members from the Bailey regime to be kept by Morrow.
(Thank you, Steve, for the rare picture from NJ1510)


As the following articles demonstrate, the purchase by Morrow of WRAN from Dick Bailey did not go smoothly.
But then, as veterans of Bailey's ownership will attest, nothing ever went smoothly with him.  Caveat Emptor!