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Ziggy, who worked at WMHQ, found this web site and recently wrote me the following:

"WMHQ was a brief stop for me (I think maybe a year) I was out of work and knew the GM Rich Rapiti. I came on board as the Operations/Program Director 1987 and did Afternoon Drive. We were live Mornings and Afternoons and Transtar(?) Satellite the rest of the day.  We also had Devils Hockey and Giants Football.  Frank Truate(?) and Fran Harris(AP News Washington DC) (Frank & Fran) Mornings Ziggie (CBS-FM) and Jean Swann (WINS) afternoon.  Weekends Steve Michaels, Capt. Jack (both now on the Breezy) Our GM was Rich Rapiti ( Westwood One).  Chief Engineer Gerry Toro (Somewhere in CA)."

Ziggy was kind enough to send us some jingles.  Listen to a reel of them here (warning: large file)


They gave it a shot.  How many AM radio stations were making money with music in the late 1980s?

Of WMHQ's demise, Ziggy wrote: "When I think back to all the stuff that was thrown out at WMHQ.  The local Fire Marshall come out to the station and we had to empty the attic. I remember that summer we hired a bunch of high school kids to throw everything into a huge dumpster.  Pictures, 45's, LP's, tapes, equipment, turntables, reel to reels, racks, I remember Mike Gettings who ran the company (Atlantic Morris) wanted everything out. Unbelievable."

Few of the improvements made by Sillerman/Murrow are evident in these photos of a now-trashed WMHQ.